The Best Blue Suits And Shirt Combination

Blue Suits And Shirt Combination

A blue suit is a classic menswear item that has long been a staple in every gent’s wardrobe. Its timeless appeal and neutral color make it an enduring style that can be worn time and time again. Not only suitable for the office, but a blue suit can work for any occasion. Whether you’re off to a business meeting, wedding, or cocktail function; a blue suit can make a smart choice, so long as you pair it with the right shirt. While opting for a suit means that your pants and jacket are already coordinated, it’s up to you to pick the perfect shirt. That means, selecting a color that’ll create your ideal look and compliment instead of clash.

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Best Shirts to Wear With a Blue Suit

The beauty of a blue suit is that it’s versatile. Not only does this mean that you can wear them for countless occasions, but it also means that you can match them with a broad range of shirts. Of course, certain styles will always look better than others. In particular, five key shirts are a cut above the rest. Be sure to keep them on hand in your wardrobe to ensure your blue suit always makes you look stylish.

Blue Suit / White Shirt Combination

Blue Suit - White Shirt

If you’re unsure what shirt to wear with your blue suit, white is a failsafe option. The combination is so simple that anyone can pull it off. The clean and crisp shade of white is classic and looks seriously stylish when paired with cool, blue tones. The partnership is perfect for formal occasions, particularly if the suit is navy and classic accessories are added. Don’t be afraid to wear a bold tie, either. A pop of color against a neutral white shirt and the blue suit will create a sharp edge. For gents off to a more casual setting, try a light blue suit with your white shirt and wear it sans a tie with sneakers.

Blue Suit / Pale Blue Shirt Combination

Blue Suit - Pale Blue Shirt

The combination of a blue suit with a pale blue shirt works surprisingly well and should be added to your list of regular outfits. A great alternative to a traditional white shirt, a light blue style carries the same classic feel while appearing softer when paired with more blue. While the contrast is less stark than it is with a white shirt, a few shades of distinction between your suit and shirt are needed to create a clean look. As a light blue suit with a pale blue shirt can easily clash, be sure only to pair this shirt with navy or mid-blue suits.

Blue Suit / Pink Shirt Combination

Blue Suit - Pink Shirt

Gents are embracing pink shirts more and more, and the results are sophisticated and stylish. While pink shirts look great with grey suits, they also produce a seriously sharp appearance when paired with blue. The color combination, which offers a nice contrast, is ideal for creating a modern look. While the partnership can be worn on countless occasions, it works particularly well for times when you want to look smart and fashionable but not traditionally formal. To ensure you pull off this look, stick to lighter shades of pink and pastel hues. These tones will match any shade of blue without the risk of color clashing.

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Blue Suit / Grey Shirt Combination

Blue Suit - Grey Shirt

If you’re after an effortlessly smart look for your blue suit; how about trying it with a grey shirt? The combination, which is decidedly more contemporary than a white shirt, breaks from tradition while remaining stylish and sophisticated. The cool tone of grey creates a soft contrast with blue hues, achieving an elegant yet understated vibe. To make the most of this dapper pair, choose accessories in similar tones to the muted hues. Doing so will create a sleek and suave style without any harsh color clashes. If you do want to wear bold accessories, such as a vibrant tie, it’s best to opt for a plain white shirt instead of grey.

Blue Suit / Printed Shirt Combination

Blue Suit - Printed Shirt

While blue suits make a great classic option, their traditional tone can sometimes appear a little underwhelming. If you feel like you want to make a bigger statement with your blue suit, try pairing it with a printed shirt. A printed shirt can be just the feature your outfit needs to give it a fashionable twist. Choose between stripes, checks, gingham, polka dots, paisley, and more to find the perfect print for you. Just be careful about what colors you choose as they may clash with your suit. A simple way to ensure your shirt will match is to choose one with a white base color and a softly toned print.

Blue Suit Color Options

Rather than just a single type of suit, a blue suit refers to a whole category of options. As the color blue is not just one shade, but rather a whole variety of hues within a family, it can refer to any number of tones. As such, what type of blue suit you choose can affect how and where you wear it. To ensure you select the right blue suit for you, be sure to look out for the three main categories when shopping: light blue, mid-blue, and navy. Ideally, gentlemen should own at least one suit in each of these categories to ensure a well-rounded wardrobe. Of course, there are then further shades within these three categories, but they’re a good place to start.

Light Blue Suit

Light Blue Suit

The light blue suit is the most casual of all blue suit types. While navy tones appear traditional and formal, soft tones project a fresh, casual, and contemporary feeling. This feeling makes them perfect for semi-formal and cocktail occasions. On top of that, light blue suits are also a fantastic choice for the summer months when dark hues, such as navy, appear too heavy and dull. While this light color is something to appreciate, it’s also something of which to be wary. To avoid clashing with your shirt, stick to light contrasting colors, such as white and soft pink.

Mid Blue Suit

Mid Blue Suit

With gents donning them more and more mid-blue suits have become exceedingly popular in recent years. The brighter hue is less formal than traditional navy suits and carries a fantastic, contemporary feel. The unique tone also pairs particularly well with crisp, white shirts and light blue styles. To wear a mid-blue suit for more formal occasions, such as weddings, partner it with a pair of brown leather derby shoes. For less formal events, consider trying some loafers.

Navy Suit

Navy Suit

Navy suits are the most traditional type of blue suit. As such, they’re perfect for formal and business occasions, including work in an office and business meetings along with formal dinners and functions. Wearing your navy suit with a classic white shirt will create the ultimate sophisticated style. The combination can even be used as a stylish replacement for a classic black suit. Just ensure that your accessories are suitably formal. A leather belt and Oxford shoes in either brown or black will do the trick. For a more casual look, try softly colored shirts, such as a pink design.

How To Wear Blue Suits For Every Occasion

A blue suit is a necessity for all men. Ideal for work, the weekend, and beyond, blue suits are both versatile and stylish. Of course, how your blue suit is perceived depends mainly on its shade. While light and bright blues create a bold statement, more subdued tones and navy hues achieve a refined aesthetic. But, don’t worry if you’re unsure about what blue suit to wear when, and where because we’re here to provide some expert advice on the topic. Below is a guide on how to wear blue suits for every occasion.

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When to Wear a Blue Suit

Smart Casual

For less formal, more adaptable casual looks, opt for blue blazers and suits in pastel tones, or ground your looks with honorable navy. If a relaxed aesthetic is what you are hoping to achieve, team your suit with cashmere sweaters and simple scoop-neck shirts. Accompanying whites will suit all blue shades but also experiment with brighter accessories to add dimension to more relaxed looks. Maintain an understated look with sneakers, particularly in classic colors to contrast with your blue tailoring in a subtle, but effective way.

Smart Casual

Corporate Attire

Blue suiting should be a welcomed change from the standard monotony of black; so commit to blue tailoring by teaming your suits with classic white work shirts and brighter ties. While the navy will work remarkably, don’t be discouraged to also experiment with brighter blue suits, which have proven to produce formidable workplace looks. Team with deep, dusky brown shoes for a classic take on blue suiting and incorporate subtle bursts of color with ties in complementary colors; like emerald greens and vermillion reds. Do not be afraid to mix up patterns, styles, and textures to express aspects of your personality in the office.

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How To Wear Blue Suits - Corporate Attire

Cocktail Attire

Darker blue suits will work well for cocktail attire and can be enhanced with personal touches like vividly patterned pocket squares and sleek leather belts. For a modern take on blue suiting, go for more iridescent blues that will appear unique in the midst of cookie-cutter cocktail looks. Ensure your suit is perfectly fitted; cut a sleek silhouette when trying out brighter suits and do not be scared to experiment with vivid shirt colors and patterns for varying aesthetics. Additionally, don’t be fearful to opt for a patterned blue suit which will evoke a dimensional centrality to looks, but ensure it is teamed with more subtle accessories and traditionalist dress shirts.

Cocktail Attire

Formal Occasions

The patterned blue suits in steel blue plaids and navy checks will add depth to your aesthetic, offering timelessness with a twist. Be sure to also keep your shoes clean and polished while matching the color tone to your belt and outfit. Dimensional blues traditionally work best for more formal occasions; so amplify this color choice with classic white dress shirts and textured bow ties or slim ties in traditionalist shades. Opt for darker blue pocket squares for contrast and a personalized essence to looks. Be mindful that a blue suit can set you apart from the crowd, but styling and modernized fit essential to perfect memorable blue formal looks. The double-breasted suit is always great and adds a point of difference to the common formal evening-wear attire.

Blue Suit Formal Occasions

Best Shirts To Wear With A Navy Suit

  • Shirt and Tie Combinations with a Blue Suit
  • A white shirt is a failsafe option to pair with a blue suit and always creates a classic look.
  • A pale blue shirt makes a surprisingly good pair to a blue suit and creates a neat contrast.
  • For a contemporary and semi-formal style wear your blue suit with a pink shirt.
  • Pairing your blue suit with a grey shirt will create a muted contrast with understated elegance.
  • To make your shirt the feature of your outfit, opt for patterns, such as stripes or gingham.
  • Ensure the shirt you choose suits the shade of blue of your suit.

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How to Wear a Blue Suit

  • There are many shades of blue, and with so many options it can be easy to make the wrong choice. Keep in mind that the color of your suit invariably dictates how you are perceived. Have a think about the setting in which you will be wearing the suit. As a general rule of thumb, the brighter your suit, the more likely you are to appear in the background of a Miami music video.
  • For a more contemporary turn on the blue suit, you can opt for a neon shade. Vibrant colors portray a summery, fun feel.
  • If you’re looking for a more classic take on the blue suit, powder, and navy blues are solid options. Mid-tone blues are a versatile option if you’re planning on wearing your suit to the office and social events. Brighter tones may find it difficult to transition into a nighttime event, while navy blues might only suit the office. Mid-tones will make give you a go-to option for most events, and allow you to dress it up or down.

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  • When pairing your suit with a shirt, think first about making some distinction between colors. You don’t want to choose a shirt that is washed out by a bright blue suit jacket. The easiest way to do this is to choose a smart, white shirt. It’s the most versatile option and can be worn with a tie or an open collar.
  • Pale blue and pink tones are also terrific shirt choices for a fun vibe. White pocket squares are always a safe option; although pocket squares in darker shades of blue are also a nice look with brighter suits.
  • While your choice of tie color is wide open, the color of your tie most often dictated by the occasion and your suit’s shade of blue.
  • Black or brown shoes are your best color choice. Although brighter suits also combine well with tan shoes; if you want to appear more casual, go sock-less with your shoes. If you’re looking to appear even more casual, you can pair it with white runners and a polo.
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