What To Wear To An Engagement Party

What To Wear To An Engagement Party

Weddings are a mystical event, yet they can likewise be a ton of stress. For the couple getting married as well as for everybody who’s invited. Between the engagement party, bachelorette party and the enormous day itself, there’s a ton of cash to be spent, presents to be purchased and, obviously, outfits to be arranged. While we as a whole know to go full scale for the wedding outfit and to dress for a night on the town for the bachelorette party, we can frequently finish up befuddled when attempting to consider engagement party outfit thoughts. Regardless of in case you’re the lady of the hour to-be or a guest at the party, unravelling what to wear can be a precarious business. Beneath we demonstrate to you some master style tips on what to wear to an engagement party.

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What Happens at an Engagement Party?

Engagement parties can be boundless on extraordinary occasions. While most might be the customary mixed drink parties, others can be formal suppers, evening drinks or even terrace grills. The one thing that they all share for all intents and purposes is that they’re a ton of fun! That doesn’t imply that you can let free and go totally wild, however. Have a decent time yet act aware of the event. Make a point to welcome your hosts first when you arrive and say thanks to them before you leave.

Attempt to remain for no less than a few hours (including speeches) or the greater part of the night in the event that you are near the couple. Amid the gathering shift back and forth between circling the space to converse with different visitors, eating the heavenly sustenance given; and having a move on the dancefloor. A greater part of all, make sure to have a good time at this cheerful event by dressing confidently and comfortably.

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Engagement Party Dress Codes

When attending an engagement party, make sure that you check the dress code. You can usually find this on the invitation, but if not, consider asking your host. Dress codes make it easier to decipher what to wear to the occasion and help give you an idea of what others will be wearing, so you don’t feel out of place. If you choose to ignore a dress code, you may be insulting your host, so it’s always best to dress accordingly. Most engagements typically have a cocktail dress code, calling for dresses at, or slightly above, knee-length and high heels. If your party states a different dress code, however, such as semi-formal or dressy-casual, you may need to dress up or down accordingly. Use this helpful dress code guide to find out the general styles that you should be wearing.

Engagement Party Dress Codes

Engagement Party Locations

Knowing the location of the engagement party is crucial to planning what you’re going to wear. The location, along with the dress code, will provide you with critical information for deciding which outfits are appropriate and which are not. The site of the event should also be given on the invitation. If it simply states an address, or you are unfamiliar with the venue, try googling for some more information or ask your host.

As a general rule of thumb, outdoor parties require a more casual dress code, including flats or wedges if on grass or at the beach. The weather should also be taken into consideration for outdoor engagements. If the party is indoors, dress up or down according to the venue. If it’s at a casual restaurant or someone’s house, dress relaxed but chic in your favourite weekend wear, but if the venue is a formal restaurant or function space, wear a polished dress and heels. For example, if the engagement party is somewhere like Brookwood Camp, be sure to dress to impress. Also for this type of venue, you may want to pack some comfortable clothing if the party is a weekend occasion as they have a variety of different facilities that will be available to you. Always check with your host if you’re not entirely sure though.

Engagement Party Outfits for the Bride

When the engagement party is your own, it can be both easier and harder to plan your outfit. On one hand, you’re the one choosing the venue, theme and dress code, and can choose whatever you want to wear. On the other hand, what you wear will set the tone for what others will wear, and people will be expecting your outfit to be the best of the night. Our advice is to pick something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Choose an outfit that reflects your personality and the personality of your engagement party. Whether you want traditional white or something with a little more colour, if the dress feels right to you, go for it. It’s your engagement after all!

Engagement Party Outfits for the Bride

Engagement Party Outfit Ideas for Guests

As an engagement party guest, you want to look amazing, but not quite as amazing as you will on the actual wedding day. As most engagements specify cocktail attire, choose a fun dress that is equal parts polish and party. Try to steer away from white unless you know for a fact that the bride-to-be isn’t wearing it. Prints, bold block colours and playful accessories can all be great choices for injecting some energy into your party outfit.

Black, on the other hand, is fair game and can make an elegant choice for an evening event. Just remember, it’s a celebration, not a business conference, so try to have some fun with your outfit. Speaking of energy, make sure yours doesn’t drain too quickly with painful shoes. Plan for a long night (or day) of circulating the room and dancing your heart out with comfortable yet fashionable footwear.

Engagement Party Outfit Ideas for Guests

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Engagement Party Outfit Ideas

All White Outfit Ideas

The pure and classical colour has been worn for many years and offers a timeless quality to engagement outfits. All white is the traditional outfit choice for brides-to-be at their engagement parties. Very “bridal” in nature, wearing white at your engagement party will undoubtedly keep the spotlight on you for the event. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, however, opt for print or colour instead.

All White Engagement Party Outfit Ideas

Print Outfit Ideas

In a sea of dresses, you want to stand out (at least a little!), and a print will help you do that. Fun, and often filled with colour, prints are perfect for those summer engagement parties. Prints are often an excellent way to turn up the style factor on an outfit. Choose a more simple cotton print dress for a daytime party or a printed silk number for the perfect after-five style.

Print Engagement Party Outfit Ideas

Colour Block Outfit Ideas

While prints never fail to pack a punch, block colours can often be just as impactful. Bold, striking and more eye-catching than the usual black, bright block colours, such as magenta, cobalt, Fuschia and tangerine, can really create a standout dress. Likewise, this year’s favourite pastel colours, powder blue and soft pink; can also create eye-catching looks that break free from the mould. Just remember, if you choose a block-colour outfit, keep everything else simple and understated, including silhouette, accessories and hair. The colour is your feature element.

Colour Block Outfit Ideas

Outdoor Engagement Outfit Ideas

As previously mentioned; the location of the engagement party is an essential piece of information for planning what you will wear. Outdoor engagement parties often take place in gardens, backyards, or even at the beach, so you must plan accordingly. Choose outfits that are more casual than formal and wear appropriate footwear. As outdoor parties usually take place during the day, try a simple maxi dress or sundress instead of the usual cocktail attire.

Outdoor Outfit Ideas

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Non-Traditional Outfit Ideas

Not every woman wants to wear a dress to an engagement party, and the good news is that you don’t have to. If you feel more comfortable in pants and a top or prefer the style of a jumpsuit; go ahead and ditch the dress. As long as you still look stylish and dressed to the same degree of formality; as the rest of the guests; a non-traditional outfit can be the perfect look.

Non-Traditional Outfit Ideas

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