How To Wear Over The Knee Boots

How To Wear Over The Knee Boots

How To Wear Over The Knee Boots Over-the-knee boots are the chicest shoes of the season. Perfect for those chilly days, these boots will keep you warm and on-trend with ease. Modernized…

How To Wear Over The Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are the chicest shoes of the season. Perfect for those chilly days, these boots will keep you warm and on-trend with ease. Modernized to be more polished (no dominatrix looks here), over-the-knee boots are now perfect for day or night. Spotted on celebrities and street style stars, such as Gigi Hadid and Olivia Palermo. this trend is now being styled with oversized sweaters, skirts, and casual shorts. The relaxed but elegant look is made complete with a feminine flash of skin at the thighs.

Try this trend for yourself with your own pair of over-the-knee boots. Choose from suede and leather varieties in a range of heights, styles, and colors. Whether you love a high heel to lengthen your legs or prefer the comfort of a flat sole, there is an over-the-knee boot for you. Opt for standard black boots to match all your winter outfits or embrace the new range of subdued browns, soft greys, and cognacs. If you’re looking to take this trend to the next level and add some extra wow factor, pick up a pair of the lace-up variety. No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed.


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Wear Over the Knee Boots Outfits

Over the Knee High Heel Boots

Unless you’re a model, over-the-knee boots can be somewhat challenging to pull off. The fact that they cover well over half the leg means that they can dominate your lower half. This draws eyes downwards and creates weight on your lower legs, making you appear shorter than you are. Combat this effect by adding extra height with a pair of high-heeled over-the-knee boots. The lift that you’ll receive from the high heel will make you appear taller than normal and lengthen your legs.


The best type of high-heel to choose for over-the-knee boots is a stiletto. The slim heel will add maximum height with minimum weight, helping to balance the heaviness of the boots. Find a pair that fits snuggly against your legs and that finishes at least an inch above the knee for a slimming effect. Choosing a pair in black will also provide similar results. The color is flattering for all body types and has the bonus of matching nearly every outfit.

Wear Over the Knee Flat Boots

Who doesn’t love the comfort and practicality of a flat sole? Luckily for all you busy women out there; over-the-knee boots can be just as fashionable flat as they can be high-heeled.  The style is decidedly more relaxed than the heeled variety but can still have a high-impact effect on your outfit. Styles that are very flat and finish just above the knee will add an equestrian vibe to outfits while over-the-knee boots that end higher and have a slight heel will offer the ’70s feel.

Flat-OTK-how to wear Over The Knee Boots

Over-the-knee flat boots, while great for those with long legs, can also work for those of us who are a bit more vertically challenged. If you’re shorter in stature, pick up a pair that finishes just above the knee to maximize your thigh length and make you appear taller. If you are naturally tall, you can get away with any height of over-the-knee boots but have the option of choosing shorter lengths for a more casual look and taller styles for a more glamorous finish.

Lace-Up Over The Knee Boots

If you’re looking to add the wow factor to your outfit, you can’t go past lace-up over-the-knee boots. This footwear trend is bold, glamorous, and seductive. Best reserved for a night out, lace-up over-the-knee boots are the statement shoe of the season. Whether they lace up in the front or the back, the graphic look of this trend will draw all eyes to your legs, so let them stand out. Pair your lace-up over-the-knee boots with a simple dress. A loose-fit black sweater dress is the perfect choice as it balances the overall look and takes a relaxed back seat to the boots.


Lace-up over-the-knee boots come in several varieties, choose the right style for you based on your needs. If you want to wear your lace-up boots during the day opt for a more casual suede version, but if you want to wear them out at night consider a leather style. Likewise, varieties that are closed-toe and laced tighter will have less impact than those that show more skin. With style sorted you now just need to decide the length of your boots. While pairs that finish mid-thigh may have a more powerful look, they are also a lot harder to walk in as there’s little room for the knee to bend. Choose a style that finishes at the knee if you want a touch of practicality with these killer shoes.

Grey, Brown, and Cognac Over the Knee Boots

Grey, brown, and cognac are the new “it” colors when it comes to over-the-knee boots. Black is great for its slimming look and ability to pair with anything. but this range of new hues is oh-so-chic. Warm and soft, these colors are perfect for adding a little light to your winter wardrobe. Choose grey, brown, and cognac over-the-knee boots in soft suede varieties. The texture will help to lighten the tone further and even add a subtle sheen for a polished finish.


Pick the right shade of over-the-knee boots for you by looking to your wardrobe for color inspiration. The color that you wear the most should also be the color of the boots you choose as grey, brown, and cognac boots. look most striking when paired with an outfit featuring the same color. Just pick a garment that is a shade or two lighter or darker than your boots to avoid looking swamped in one tone.

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